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Paper box cartoning machine for stick bag

Packaging line

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Multilane packing machine

Paper box cartoning machine for stick bag with functions, composition and characteristics can be summarized as follows: Metering, stick bag forming, filling, sealing, and easy-tear shearing, and date printing, and sorting, cartoning, and box sealing, etc.

Standard Technical Data for paper box cartoning machine for stick bag:


Production line Series

Product model:


Product name:

Paper box cartoning machine for stick bag


up to 50 bag/min per line

Number of lanes:
2-8 Lanes:

Filling range:


Bag size:

Bag width: 25-100mm; Bag Length: 30-170mm

Sealing type:

Back sealing Pillow Bag, stick pack, sachet, pouch, special shape pouch

for making stick bags, like coffee sticks, and then packing stick pack into paper box - as production line of cartoning machine.
Packing materials:
Nylon film/polyester film composite, polyester film/polyester composite film, nylon film/pure aluminum foil/polyester film composite, polyester film/pure aluminum foil composite, polyester film and other material composites that can provide heat sealing function.

Maximum width of packaging material: 180mm.
Maximum outer diameter of packaging material: Φ300mm.
Core diameter of packaging material: Φ76mm.
Thickness of packaging material: 0.05 — 0.1mm:

Equipment Introduction:
The stick packing machine and cartoning machine adopt high-precision film transport system, PLC program control, advanced touch human-machine interface, automatic photoelectric tracking system, PID digital constant temperature control system, etc., which make the operation of the whole packaging lines simpler and more perfect, and It is an ideally preferred packaging equipment for coffee, food, medicine industry to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and improve packaging quality.

Cutting way:

Zigzag, teeth, etc


Measuring filling system


220V, 50HZ, 5.7KW, Single phase

Here can see working Video of production line for stick making and cartoning:

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