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Granule Packing Machine


Granule Packing Machine

Double chamber salt and pepper packing machine

Double chamber salt and pepper dual sachet packing machine, as kind of automatic seasoning packaging machine can pack the salt and pepper into each chamber of sachet, and works with seasongings like salt, pepper, sugar, MSG, spice powder, etc.

Feature of double chamber salt and pepper packing machine:
1. Salt pepper dual sachet packing machine adopt PLC control, photoelectric tracking and crook correcting.
2. The bag length can be accurately adjusted according to the requirement.
3. Problems will be shown on the screen, it is convenient for checking and maintenance.
4. Conform to the GMP standard, highly efficient, easy to operate and maintain, steady and durable.
5. All parts in direct contact with products are made of SUS304 stainless steel, ensuring reliable products output conforming to GMP standard.
6. The entire of process from weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and counting can be fully automatically operated.

Standard specification for salt and pepper dual sachet packing machine:


High speed Packing Machine series

Product model:


Product name:

H74K Automatic 4 Lanes Granule Packing Machine

Filling range:

1-5gram; 5-10gram;


Volumetric cups


40-80bag/min per lane (Depends on material)

Packing Material:

Paper/plastic, Plastic/plastic, Paper/aluminum, Plastic/aluminum, PE


Four lanes

Bag size:

L:50-110mm; W:20-80mm

Bag type:

4 side sealed bag

Sealing type:

Heat sealing


220V/50HZ, single phase, 2.2kw



Dimension (L*W*H):

1200X760X1950 (L * W *H mm)

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