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Tea Packing Machine


Pyramid TeaBag Packing Machine

Automatic doypack packaging machine for pyramid tea bag into stand up pouch with ziplock

Doypack pouch filling and packaging machine is new packing solution for pyramid tea bag into big premade pouch with ziplock. Except that, it can be used to pack the fitler paper tea bag, granule product, powder product, coffee bean, candy, pet food, etc

The pyramid tea bag production line is a combination with one set of Pyramid tea bag packing machine + stand up pouch filling and sealing machine.

Function and working process:
1. With electric scale, automatic weight the tea producion, and pack 3G tea into triangle tea bag to seal up.
2. By an automatic conveyor, tea bags will be transferred and filled into stand up pouch
3. Automatic counting the numbers of tea bags, and close the pouch with zipper

Packing materials for this production:
1. Inner dip tea bag: Works with tea bag materials that is biodegradable, like pla tea bag, nylon tea bag
2. Outer wrap: Stand up pouch with ziplock (Doypack pouch)

Basic parameter of automatic pouch filling and sealing machine:

Bag type:
3 Side sealing bag; Stand-up pouch
Bag size:
Bag Width: 100 - 200mm Bag length: 100 - 300mm
Packing speed:
10 - 30 bags/min, depends on the product
Machine power:
220V, 50/60Hz, 1.5kW, single phase
Machien dimension:

Here show the Youtube Working Video for doypack pouch packing machine to pack the tea bags into premade pouch with ziplock:

Thank you for watching!

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Product Name:Automatic doypack packaging machine for pyramid tea bag into stand up pouch with ziplock

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