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Automatic tagging machine

Drip Coffee Bag Tagging Machine

1. Available with Nylon, PET, Woven,etc

2. Ultrasonic Sealing

3. Hanging ear tagging

Drip coffee bag tagging machine is a kind of coffee bag film making machine, can add the hanging ear to food grade non woven fabric, and wrap up into film and roll, so that coffee bag film roll can be used in the Drip coffee bag packing machine, to produce filter coffee bag.

Feature of Drip coffee bag tagging machine:
1. It adopts the ultrasonic bonding method.
2. It can accurately control the adhesion, fastness and effect, the trigger type ultrasonic with high stability, and low failure rate.
3. With full computer monitoring and automatic shutdown function when missing lines and missing labels.
4. Adopt PLC control to realize man-machine interface.
5. This machine can automatic switch between long-line and short-line.

Technical Parameters of Drip coffee bag tagging machine:
Project Drip Coffee Bag Tagging Machine
Production speed 50-80 bags / minute
Mesh type Non-woven fabric, PLA mesh
Mesh width

160mm, 180mm, 200mm

Retracting and winding core diameter Φ76mm
Retractable and unwinding outer diameter ≤Φ400mm
Bonded form ultrasonic
Number of ultrasonic 3 sets
Qualified rate of finished products ≥99.9%
Air source pressure ≥0.6Mpa(supply by customer)
Operator 2-3 machines for 1 person
Electric power for the internal motor AC220V/50HZ
Equipment Dimention L 1350*W1780*H1950(mm)
Equipment weight 650kg

Nylon Drip coffee bag roll tagging machine Video:

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