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Drip tea bag

PET drip tea bag is Packaging material made from pet mesh, non-woven fabric, pla corn fiber, nylon mesh, with hanging ear and used to pack tea product.
PET drip tea bag
PET drip tea bag works in Drip coffee bag packing machine
The PET drip tea bag is ultrasonic sealable and made into film roll, which means PET drip tea bag works in drip coffee bag packing machine for sure!
PET drip tea bag
How to use or brew the drip tea bag
Same packing solution as the drip coffee bag, just with different packing materials due to different product between tea and coffee, so it means the brew method is the same.
PET drip tea bag

Product Name:
PLA PET Drip Tea Bag Film Rolls
Specification for 180mm
90mm×74mm,   3500pcs/roll,  4 rolls/carton
Specification for 140mm
140mm×58mm,       6000pcs/roll,  6 rolls/carton
Specification for 160mm
160mm×65mm,       6000pcs/roll,  6 rolls/carton
Hanging Ear:
Standard size
Mesh count Filaments/inch
20 / 100
Open space ratio(%):
Sealing adaptability:
Ultrasonic sealing

Sample Roll of PET drip tea bag packing materials is here:

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