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Drip coffee filter Bag is a high-functional filter made of ultra-fine fiber non-woven fabrics and it was developed especially to brew coffee, because these bags extract the true taste. Drip coffee bag can be placed the middle of your cup. Simply spread and open the holder and place it on your cup for a remarkably stable setup. Below a video tell you know coffee bag filter film roll is made.
Drip coffee bag roll manufacturers, suppliers and can offer different type of coffee filter, please Kindly find the answers from this page:
1. How many types of hanging ear drip coffee filter bag are there?
2. What is the difference among coffee bag sealed by heat and ultrasonic sealing drip coffee bag from packaging machine?
4. How to brew the hanging ear drip coffee filter bag?
5. How does drip coffee filter roll works on drip coffee bag packaging machine?

1. Type of hanging ear drip coffee filter bag: People from whole world used drip coffee bag between 90*74mm and 90*70mm because the drip coffee bag materials is a kind of standard products for packing machine. 

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2. The main difference between heat sealing and ultrasonic sealed hanging ear drip coffee filter bag is in Sealing Edge of Inner bag. For more details, please kindly contact us

Drip coffee filter bag manufacturer

3. Hanging ear drip coffee filter bag Parameter:

Product Name:
Drip Coffee Filter
Standard Size:
180mm × 70mm,  5000 Pieces/Roll, 4 Rolls/Carton
Standard Size: 180mm × 74mm,  4500 Pieces/Roll, 4 Rolls/Carton
Seal Adaptability:
Heat or Ultrasonic Sealing

4. How to brew filter bag coffee or How to use Drip Coffee Filter Bag: Just open the coffee bag and hook it over the coffee cup, pour hot water into coffee bag to filter the coffee, after that, take away the coffee bag. You got one cup of tasty coffee to enjoy!

Drip coffee filter bag manufacturer

5. Drip coffee bag filter roll instructions and product details: 
1. Packing condition: Food grade non woven fabric, well melt with hanging ear, wrap up into roll, packed into individual PE bag, and 3 rolls into each paper carton.
2. Filtration performance of drip coffee filter: AAA grade filtering ability of different type of coffee, including gound coffee, cold brew coffee, etc.

Drip coffee filter bag manufacturers

6. Hanging ear drip coffee filter applied to drip coffee bag packaging machine or How to work drip coffee filter bag on Drip coffee packaging machine: Install the coffee bag film roll in machine to run packing machine to produce filter coffee bag, as below:

Hanging ear drip coffee filter Manufacturers & Suppliers

7. Who produced drip coffee filter bag roll for packing machine: China and Japan manufacturer and suppliers both produce the hanging ear drip coffee filter bag now.

1. We can supply you made-in-Japan drip coffee bag roll in good price, and we sells a lots.
2. we already developed the drip coffee bag roll tagging machine for making drip coffee filter bag now, so if you need the chinse coffee packaging bags, we can supply too. The youtube video below how drip coffee bag rolls are made:

Drip coffee filter bag manufacturer, supplier and is here, and if you are looking for drip coffee filter bag roll, China disposable non woven fabric hanging ear drip coffee filter bag manufacturer for your Drip coffee bag packing machine, please send us Whatsapp message or email. Thank you.

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