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Production line composed of multi lane stick packaging machine + box cartoning machine, its functions, composition and characteristics can be summarized as follows: Metering, stick bag forming, filling, sealing, and easy-tear shearing, and date printing, and sorting, cartoning, and box sealing, etc.

Stick pack packaging and cartoning lines

Standard Technical Data for multi lane stick packing machine + production line of paper box cartoning machine:


Production line Series

Product model:


Product name:

Multi-lane stick bag packaging machine with cartoning lines system


up to 50 bag/min per line

Number of lanes:
2-8 Lanes:

Filling range:


Bag size:

Bag width: 25-100mm; Bag Length: 30-170mm

Sealing type:

Back sealing Pillow Bag, stick pack, sachet, pouch, special shape pouch

for making stick bags, like coffee sticks, and then packing stick pack into paper box - as production line of cartoning machine.
Packing materials:
Nylon film/polyester film composite, polyester film/polyester composite film, nylon film/pure aluminum foil/polyester film composite, polyester film/pure aluminum foil composite, polyester film and other material composites that can provide heat sealing function.

Maximum width of packaging material: 180mm.
Maximum outer diameter of packaging material: Φ300mm.
Core diameter of packaging material: Φ76mm.
Thickness of packaging material: 0.05 — 0.1mm:

Equipment Introduction:
The stick pack packaging and cartoning lines adopt high-precision film transport system, PLC program control, advanced touch human-machine interface, automatic photoelectric tracking system, PID digital constant temperature control system, etc., which make the operation of the whole packing line and cartoning lines simpler and more perfect, and It is an ideally preferred packaging equipment for coffee, food, medicine industry to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and improve packaging quality..

Cutting way:

Zigzag, teeth, etc


Measuring filling system


220V, 50HZ, 5.7KW, Single phase

Here can see working Video of production line for stick making and cartoning:

1. Production line functions
This production line is mainly used to realize multi-lane packaging and automatic cartoning functions of products. The multi-row packaging machine can quickly and continuously pack products according to a preset arrangement, while the cartoning machine is responsible for automatically loading the packaged products into cartons to complete the entire packaging process. This production line is suitable for packaging products of various shapes, sizes and materials, and is especially suitable for packaging and cartoning of granular, powder and other items.

2. Stick pack packaging and cartoning lines production line composition:
The production line mainly consists of the following parts:

2.1 Multi-lane packaging machine: responsible for packaging products quickly and continuously according to a preset arrangement. Multi lane packaging machines adopt advanced control systems and technologies to achieve high-speed, stable and continuous packaging production.

Multi-lane packaging machines are key equipment for the efficient production of stick products and are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries, and It can quickly and accurately complete the packaging of granules, powders and other materials, greatly improving production efficiency. The equipment adopts a multi-column parallel design to achieve efficient continuous packaging, and is equipped with an intelligent control system to ensure packaging accuracy and stability.

In addition, the multi-row packaging machine also has the advantages of simple operation and convenient maintenance, which effectively reduces production costs. In short, with its high efficiency, accuracy and stability, multi-row packaging machines provide powerful packaging solutions for pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries, helping companies achieve efficient production.

2.2 Cartoning machine: Cartoning machine is the core part of the cartoning lines and is responsible for automatically loading packaged products into cartons and paper box. Cartoning machines usually use vacuum adsorption, mechanical pushing and other methods to ensure that products are placed into cartons accurately and quickly.

The cartoning lines is an automated packaging production line with a wide range of applications, involving many industries such as medicine, food, and daily necessities, and it uses advanced technology and equipment to achieve efficient and precise packaging of products, saving companies a lot of manpower and material resources, and improving production efficiency and product quality.

The cartoning line is mainly composed of conveyor belt, positioning mechanism, cartoning lines mechanism and carton sealing mechanism. The product is transported to the positioning mechanism through the conveyor belt. The positioning mechanism positions the product at the cartoning mechanism. The cartoning mechanism opens the box and puts the product into the box. Finally, the box sealing mechanism seals the box to complete the cartoning process. In addition, the cartoning line is equipped with a variety of sensors and corresponding control programs, which can accurately monitor and adjust the movement of the product to ensure that the product enters the packaging box in the correct way.

The advantage of the cartoning lines is not only its efficiency and precision, but also its high degree of flexibility and safety. It can be configured and adjusted according to different product needs to accommodate product packaging of various specifications and shapes. At the same time, the cartoning line adopts a series of safety protection devices, such as preventing product clogging, overload protection, emergency stop devices, etc., which can effectively prevent safety accidents during the production process.

2.3 Conveying lines: Including multiple conveyor belts or chain conveyors and other equipment, responsible for transporting the stick pack products made by multilane packaging machine, to the cartoning machine, and finally transporting the packed and sealed cartons to the next process to achieve continuous operation of the production line.

2.4 Other auxiliary equipment: such as product detection devices, check weigher machine, automatic rejection devices, etc., are used to ensure product quality and stable operation of the production line.

3. Production line characteristics
3.1 Efficient and stable: Using advanced control systems and technologies, it can achieve high-speed, stable and continuous packaging production, greatly improving production efficiency.

3.2 Versatility: The production line can be adjusted to different packaging requirements and is suitable for packaging and carton types of various shapes, sizes and materials.

3.3 Save time and effort: High degree of automation reduces manual operations, reduces labor intensity, and improves production efficiency.

3.4 Energy saving and environmental protection: Using advanced energy-saving technology can reduce energy consumption and production costs, while also complying with environmental protection requirements.

3.5 High reliability: The production line uses high-quality materials and components, and undergoes strict quality inspection and testing to ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment.

It should be noted that the specific production line configuration and functional features may vary depending on factors such as manufacturer and equipment model. Therefore, when selecting and using a production line composed of multi-row packaging machines and cartoning machines, selection and adjustment need to be made according to actual needs and conditions. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal operation of the production line and extend the service life of the equipment, regular maintenance and upkeep is required.

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