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PET Mesh Filter & Pla filter

PET Mesh Filter Wholesaler and Suppliers is used for Pyramid tea bag packaging such as green tea, black tea, healthcare tea, herb tea and herbal medicines, and meets the international food sanitation standard as a kind of high quality transparency heat resisting packaging material. With a large space inside pyramid tea bag, it makes the original tea leaf stretch perfectly, and tea bag filter can filter out the original flavor of tea better.

1.No generation of hazardous gases such as dioxin when burnt. It decomposes into carbon
dioxide and water.
2.No content of eluting material. Moderate to human and environment.
3.Extracts the real taste of tea
4.Applicable to many kind of filter bags because of their excellent automorphic property.

1.It is simple and fast to make pyramid tea bags without additional filters.
2.Pyramid tea bag allows consumers to enjoy the original fragrance.
3. Allow tea to be fully bloomed in the pyramid tea bag, and also make the tea Released
4.Fast taste
5.Make full use of the original tea, can brew repeatedly for long time
6.Ultrasonic seamless sealing, shape the image of high-quality teabag. Because of its transparency, it allows consumers to directly see the quality of raw materials inside, do not worry about tea bags using inferior tea. The pyramid tea bag has a broader market prospect and is a choice for experiencing high-quality tea.

Product Name:
PET mesh filter
Specification for 120mm
120mm×50mm,       6000pcs/roll,  6 rolls/carton
Specification for 140mm
140mm×58mm,       6000pcs/roll,  6 rolls/carton
Specification for 160mm
160mm×65mm,       6000pcs/roll,  6 rolls/carton
20x20mm or 25x25mm
Mesh count Filaments/inch
Open space ratio(%):
Sealing adaptability:
Ultrasonic sealing

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Product Name:PET Mesh Filter & Pla filter

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